What we do

Full Fiction produces hundreds of video moods for the most important advertising agencies in Spain and all over the world. Our borders have no limits, so as our Clients.

We work hand in hand with them to turn their idea into a unique video mood. Our target is for the agency to win the account it is competing for. That's why we are proud to say that our video moods have won some of the most relevant competitions: BBVA, COI, Iberia, Movistar, ONCE, Vodafone, etc.

About us

We are a young and professional team, ready to assist you every time you need. In Full Fiction we exclusively make video moods and corporate videos.

Staff specialized in international video databases. Our database is updated every day, which we have been doing for the past fifteen years.

Our team of video editors is the confidant of our Clients in the editing process, turning their ideas into images.

A postproduction coordinator takes care of everything from the moment we get the brief, including the sound edition, fx, 3D, AfterEffects, Flame... Whatever you need, we are always ready to help you.

How we work

A video mood process is more or less something like this:

Our Clients

One of our core ideas is the total confidentiality of our work. It is the key to have won the trust of the main advertising agencies.

And no matter where our Clients are. Our duty is to make things easier, whether you are in Madrid or Moscow...


Each video mood has its timing, its needs...
and its estimate.
Ask us without obligation.
We always try to adapt to your budget.

A small sample

If you want to watch our work, please send us an e-mail to:

Due to our confidenciality policy we are not allowed to upload videos to our website, we would betrayed our Clients and Full Fiction would never ever do that.

Corporate videos

As we are a production company, we can also shoot the corporate video you’re thinking about to raise your brand, your company.

Check out our last works: Our videos


If you have any questions, suggestions, or you want to send us the brief of your
next video mood, please contact us at: produccion@fullfiction.com

If you want to visit us, drop by our office in
Paseo de la Castellana, 143, 8º. 28046 Madrid. Spain

+34 91 591 34 44